Help With Registration

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Registration, contact by email, or call 914-419-1940

Refund Policy

Refunds, if provided, must be handled by Larchmont Mamaroneck Football Club directly (they are not handled through SportsSignup).

Registration Refunds:
Recreation Soccer: Recreation players are entitled to receive a refund equal to the "refund amount" if the player is withdrawn prior to the start of the rec season. From the start of the rec season up to the 3rd scheduled session, there is a 60% refund. After the 3rd scheduled session there are no refunds. The "refund amount" is the registration fee paid less $5 per player. The $5 represents the administration costs LMFC incurs when a player registers. Travel Soccer: Before the start of the season, players are entitled to a refund of the registration amount, minus $25.00 for registration costs, player card costs, and administration costs. Once the season begins, there will be no refunds.

Store Refunds:
All sales are final.

Additional Resources

For more information, visit the Larchmont Mamaroneck Football Club website at